Here are nine out and out benefits of letting your footloose:

1.Dancing helps to age gracefully:

The aerobic exercises that are prominent as dance moves are great at reversing the volume loss that happens in the hippocampus of our brains. This is a natural aging process and with time, there is a loss in the volume in the Hippocampus which is primarily responsible for protecting the memory.


The New English Journal of Medicine has convinced the experts with conclusive proof that dancing enables the subject to retain his memory and to avoid the effects of memory loss and dementia. If this is not a good reason to hit the dance floor, then what is?

2. Helps in reducing chronic pain and soreness in the muscles:

Dance moves of slow dances can help increase flexibility and also reduce muscle stiffness. Dance exercise is a known form of therapy that helps reduce soreness in the muscles after exercise and ease joint pains.

3. Stressed out and on the verge of breaking in?

This year’s much-awaited research in the Journal of applied gerontology categorically confirms that stress can be busted at one go if the couple dance together. It not just helps bust the stress away for good but also improves compatibility between them. It is clearly a case of a couple that dances together is a couple that stays together. Do you even need any more motivation to grab a partner’s hand and run in there?

4. Dance the blues away

Successive studies one after another at various universities have suggested that depressed people can dance their depression away. It may take a while for them to get into the groove but once there is only one way out and that is to be out of depression and for good!

5. Heart problem? No problem!

It is recommended that people with heart condition be better off waltzing than risking their lives on the exercise bike and the treadmill. It has not just shown lower incidences of heart failure but is also known to have improved the condition of the heart drastically.

6. Knock off those extra pounds!

Give your cycle and jog a miss and head for a dance aerobics class to make it peppy and also groove a bit. There is strong evidence that dancing is the new work out and is happening!

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7. Not falling for it eh!

Guess what increases with your age? The chance of you falling down is more often. This is mainly because as you grow older your body equilibrium gets weakened and you tend to lose your balance more often. Dancing can correct that because good dance moves don’t just correct posture but also increase stability and body balance.

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8. Increasing stamina the ‘cha-cha-cha’ way!

Dancing albeit even moderately is assumed to increase the energy levels by 50 percent. In this scenario, it is always a great option to be as agile as possible as long as possible that one can be.

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9. Up your social skills:

Hitting a dance class can mean meeting more people who share common interest apart from dancing and making new friends. Even the idea of going to a hobby class that teaches dancing can increase a person’s social skills and improve his social worth and esteem.

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Personal tragedy

It can the person come out of a bout of depression or loneliness or low self-esteem.Dancing is especially recommended for people who have met with a personal tragedy or have lost a dear one. It helps them tide over the difficult has much better than most other therapies.

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